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China's first F1 racing driver Ma Qinghua: FF 91 torque 3 times over F1 racing is very shocking

In the domestic and American conference synchronization of the "new species re-centennial of the automotive industry" live event, the Chinese famous racing driver Ma Qinghua to watch the conference site to return to the domestic video, to understand the FF 91 related parameters, FF 91 to People are very shocking feeling, is a can really stimulate to his car.


Ma Qing Hua said that the first is the performance of the FF 91, there are many breakthrough historical data. This one has 0-60mph (96 km / h) acceleration time 2.39 seconds, a charge mileage of more than 700 km and so on. But what shocked him most was a very insignificant amount of torque - 1,800 Nm.

Ma Qinghua said that the fastest F1 car torque is only 600 to 700 Nm. FF 91 to achieve this figure reflected in driving is a 1.1G acceleration, very alarming. He further explained that people who play bungee will have a sense of gravity acceleration experience, FF 91 reflected on the figure than the bungee jump that speed even faster.

In the live event, Ma Qing Hua said he was looking forward to have a FF 91. "Whether it’s driving fun, driving intuition, or the convenience of our lives, the FF 91 is more than just a comprehensive vehicle that can really change the way we live, and it’s more than The scope of transport. "He sincerely said.

FF 91 has not yet released the occasion, Ma Qinghua with his career talked about the understanding of electric cars. "The speed of the electric car is very fast and very linear, and the overall structure of the car is moving in a new direction compared to the traditional Formula 1. From the driving experience, driving on the street is a very testable driver’s judgment , The vehicle power control, the entire car tuning operation, need to consider the comprehensive aspects.

For the experience in the race to change the technology of electric vehicles, Ma Qing Hua is the most impressed by the game organization of the powertrain to open. "This year is the third season FE championships, the first season to this season there is a change, is the power of the total open. The first season we use exactly the same dynamic power, provided by the official, to today every team has The development of their own power of the total process, we use the form are completely different. "He said that this is undoubtedly to encourage technological progress.

Imagine the future of the car, Ma Qing Hua said that the vehicle is to bring people to improve the efficiency of traffic, a new way of travel. "Electric cars solve a lot of problems, we do not need to go to the gas station, at home can make the vehicle full of electricity, do not need high frequency maintenance.In the future, the Internet can make cars and offices, home intelligence To connect to work together to make your work more efficient, more convenient life, this should be the future trend. "No doubt today released the FF 91, is the ideal model Ma mind.

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