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Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle batteries are generally divided into dry batteries (maintenance-free batteries) and water batteries (water storage battery), then the two batteries What is the difference?

Maintenance-free battery Introduction: Maintenance-free battery Due to its structural advantages, the electrolyte consumption is very small, in the basic life does not need to add distilled water. It also has shock-resistant, high temperature, small size, self-discharge characteristics. Life is generally twice the ordinary battery. Maintenance-free batteries on the market there are two: the first one in the purchase of electrolyte after a one-time use does not require maintenance (add replenishment solution); the other is the battery itself, the factory has been added electrolyte and sealed , The user simply can not add fluid.

The chemical reaction of the discharge is to rely on the positive plate active material (lead dioxide and lead) and negative plate active material (negative electrode plate), the negative electrode plate, the electrolyte, (Spongy pure lead) in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution) under the action of the plate grid plate, the traditional battery with lead antimony alloy manufacturing, maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy, the former with antimony, which Calcium, which is the fundamental difference between the two points. Different materials will produce different phenomena: the traditional battery in the course of the phenomenon of liquid reduction occurs, because the grid of antimony will contaminate the negative plate on the sponge-like pure lead, reducing the fully charged battery within the anti- Electromotive force, resulting in excessive decomposition of water, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen from the positive and negative plates, respectively, to reduce the electrolyte. Calcium instead of antimony, you can change the fully charged battery back EMF, reduce the overcharge current, liquid gasification rate is reduced, thereby reducing the loss of electrolyte.

As a result of maintenance-free lead-calcium battery grid frame, the charge generated less water decomposition, low water evaporation, coupled with the shell structure of the seal, the release of sulfuric acid gas is also very small, so it compared with traditional batteries, With no need to add any liquid, the wiring pile head, wire corrosion, anti-overcharge capability, starting current, power storage time is long and so on.

Maintenance-free battery because of its normal charge voltage, the electrolyte produces only a small amount of gas, the plate has a strong anti-overcharge capability, and has a small internal resistance, low temperature starting performance, longer than conventional battery life, So do not need to add distilled water throughout the period of use, in the case of the normal charge system, do not need to remove from the supplementary charge. But in the maintenance of the proportion of its electrolyte should be checked.

Water storage battery in the use of a year’s time at least once to check the liquid surface to see if the loss of water, if less than the minimum liquid machine scale, replenishment in time, maintenance-free battery if it is often excessive charge and discharge water loss phenomenon, Can be a moderate increase in water use, in other cases is not to add water to maintain, generally are factory brand battery life is longer, add water batteries in more than 3 years, maintenance-free batteries in 4-5 years, but the market some no-name batteries The use of recycled lead or lead block is not purified, life greatly reduced, usually in about a year will fail, but also in the design of explosion-proof aspects of defects, so it is best not to covet cheap to buy low-quality batteries .

The correct use of the battery and maintenance of the following 7 points:

1, check the battery in the bracket on the bolt is tightened, the installation is not strong due to traffic vibration caused by damage to the shell. Also do not put metal objects on the battery to prevent short circuit.

2, always check the pole and the wiring connection is reliable. To protect the terminal oxidation can be coated with petroleum jelly and other protective agents.

3, can not use direct ignition (short-circuit test) method to check the battery power This will cause damage to the battery.

4, the ordinary lead-acid batteries should pay attention to the regular addition of distilled water. Dry-charged batteries should be properly charged before use. As for the maintenance-free water can not add maintenance of the battery is not appropriate to see if necessary to add distilled water to help extend the service life.

5, the battery cover on the pores should be smooth. The battery in the charge will produce a large number of bubbles if the ventilation hole is blocked so that gas can not escape when the pressure increases to a certain extent will cause the battery shell burst.

6, in the battery pole and the cover around the yellow-white paste often, this is because the corrosion of the root pillars, line cards, fixed frame caused. The resistance of these substances is very large, to be promptly removed.

7, when the need to use two batteries in series when the best capacity of the same battery. Otherwise it will affect the battery life.

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