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How to deal with motorcycle brake lock

If your motorcycle is not the ABS system, brake lock when the how to do it?

Generally speaking, the probability of motorcycle rear brake lock deadlock than before the chances of much larger, but relatively safe to many, but also easier to deal with, so we first talk about the rear brake lock dead.


Motorcycle brakes, the weight will be a lot of fast transfer to the front wheel, this time there is no weight on the rear wheel pressing the ground, resulting in inadequate grip, the rear brake can not effectively play a role, extremely easy to lock.

When the rear brakes lock, you can: 1 continue to maintain the force applied to the rear brake, the car which direction to go which direction to go. At this point the rear wheel grip is very small, the impact of road vehicles is not, even if the lock, you can continue into the corner; 2 slow and gentle release after the brakes, such as the rear wheel is no longer locked, After the brake.

When the rear brake is locked, you definitely do not do "fast brake after release". The quick release of the rear brakes means that the rear wheel quickly regains grip after losing grip, a process that is so rapid and violent that we all know it will be a precursor to the Highside, When the direction of the front and rear wheels are not aligned).

Compared to the rear brake lock, front brake lock more dangerous, leaving the Knights of the reaction time is shorter, more difficult to deal with.

Response to the front brake lock method:

1, gentle, and as soon as possible to release the front brake.

2, release the front brake, the front wheel and frame will work to restore the normal driving state of the vehicle. At this point, the car will erect, pointing to the front wheel direction, so you may need to do a quick direction adjustment.

3, again before pinch brake. Note that the pinch front brake still need to gradually stabilize the braking force, the fork has been fully extended, vigorously pinch the brakes will cause abrupt suspension activities, affecting the stability of vehicle control.

The front brake lock response is not difficult to say, the difficulty is how to use out in an emergency situation. Studies have shown that: motorcycle traffic accidents, 30% of the Knights in the face of an accident directly ignorant out, did not make any response, even pinch the action can not do.

At the same time, practice "panic brakes" is actually a false proposition. Training, you can brake very impatient, but panic brakes the kind of mood, the state of the brain froze can not be simulated.

To improve the odds of surviving an accident, all we can do is: continually, mass, and repeat the correct brakes until these actions become part of the subconscious mind. When an emergency, the brain can not think, these subconscious can play an "unexpected" role, save our lives.

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