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Timely replacement of broken throttle cable cable

The throttle cable of the motorcycle is the connecting part of the throttle pedal and the carburetor throttle, and the movement of the throttle cable centerline in the jacket realizes the control of the throttle opening to the engine and completes the change of the engine speed . Therefore, the good performance of the throttle cable in the heart of its movement in the jacket should be no jamming phenomenon. Otherwise, it will cause the throttle to turn heavy, the throttle can not be turned with the throttle turn to easily turn on and off, so that the engine speed can not be adjusted in time, and even throttle switch to lose control of the engine speed.

The more common phenomenon of strand breakage is:

When the shift gear off the small throttle, the throttle can not be back to the idle position in time, close the small throttle while separating the clutch, the engine speed suddenly too high. In this case, you must quickly turn back and forth throttle to throttle the throttle in order to make the engine to idle speed, but the number of throttle is often no law. When the engine speed is too high, the gear will produce collision sound, so that the gear shift is difficult. Even if the gear shift can be realized, the vehicle will not run smoothly and the transmission parts will collide.

The above phenomenon is due to broken strand of cable "stubble" and the cable jacket stuck due. In this regard, the timely replacement of a good throttle cable. When installing the new cable, oil must be injected between the cable jacket and the core wire and the oil flow out from the other end of the cable so as to reduce the resistance of the core to movement in the jacket. Otherwise, will lead to increased fuel consumption, mechanical wear and tear. The resulting losses are even greater.

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