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Motorcycle safety of the tunnel ride

Whether motorcycles or cars, there are always a lot of drivers do not know what to pay attention to when driving in the tunnel, today we come together to make up classes.

First, the tunnel must be carried out before the operation: turn on the low beam

Tunnel Safety Driving had to pay attention to the safe driving details


Even if lighting is installed inside the tunnel, the brightness will be lower than that of the outdoor light, and even those tunnels that do not have a single lamp will not be mentioned. Therefore, we drive into and out of the tunnel, the eyes are inevitably be an instant "blinding", but the extent of each person feel different. Of course, there is a way to improve this bad visual condition, that is, before driving into the tunnel, open the car near the light.

It is important to have other vehicles aware of your presence, since the vast majority of tunnel accidents are caused by the driver’s judgment that the other vehicles Position errors caused. Many drivers do not drive lights to go tunnel habits, their reason is nothing more than "I can see clearly, no need to drive lights." But the problem is, even if your vision no matter how superior, you can not guarantee that other drivers are as sharp as you eyes; If you really encounter a vision is not gnaw drop drivers, you can only pray that he do not close to your car.


Second, before entering the tunnel must be appropriate to slow down

Earth people know that low speed can control the risk at a minimum.

Third, out of the tunnel do not rush to accelerate

Out of the tunnel, because the driver’s eyes may not accustomed to suddenly brighten the environment, this time we should pay special attention, do not hurry speed, avoid slow rear-end collision occurred.

Fourth, with the vehicle in front to keep a safe distance

Whether in the highway, or on the road in the city, we drive into the tunnel when driving, should be in front with the vehicle to maintain sufficient distance for their own to set aside enough space to avoid.

Fifth, according to the lane of the tunnel, not illegal change lane

Under normal circumstances, the lanes within the tunnel are all white solid lines, which means that in the tunnel is not allowed to change lanes.

6, beware of those illegal vehicles

Although the tunnel does not allow vehicles to change lanes, but there are always some unruly drivers in the tunnel compaction line change lane. This time, we must regulate their own driving behavior, but also to guard against these illegal vehicles, to avoid suffering.

Summary: Nowadays, there are more and more accidents in tunnels. We emphasize the awareness of tunneling safety. It is not like a sutra-like lecture. It is to alert motorists that tunneling can not be neglected and safety awareness can be established. Life insurance.

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