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The First Aid of Motorcycle after Water


Motorcycles as a very flexible mobility of road vehicles, in the course of daily use, due to some storage conditions, will result in water flooding caused by vehicle failure. Especially in the summer and autumn driving, often encounter stormy weather, especially in some low-lying roads where water is deep, if forced to wade through, it will cause the vehicle to varying degrees of water problems, if not Timely and necessary maintenance, not only will affect the normal driving of vehicles, but also a direct result of the early parts of the motorcycle damage.

1, motorcycles easy to water parts

Motorcycle in motion, once wading into the water, easily lead to water the main components are the vehicle fuel supply system, circuit control system, followed by the engine, ignition, generators and fuel tanks and other components, and water infiltration Fuel supply system, including carburetor, air filter.

2) from the air filter inlet into the carburetor; 3) from the carburetor of the fuel tank into the fuel tank into the carburetor; The vent line goes directly into the carburetor. (Some of the motorcycle models spark plug position is lower, forming a similar concave (Figure 1), the ignition coil, the ignition coil, high-pressure hood, spark plugs and starter switches (some motorcycle models spark plug position is low, Pit switch, easier to produce water). And the most vulnerable to infiltration of water after the high-voltage cap and turn off the switch and poor insulation properties of the ignition and ignition coil, but also will cause short circuit between the ground problems.

Motorcycles in the rain and wading, it is prone to carburetor water problems, mainly by the throttle line with the water or the tank lid is closed, resulting in leakage into the tank with gasoline into the carburetor, especially Is when the throttle line to enter the carburetor port, the sealing rubber sleeve if the aging cracks easily seepage into, if damaged, should be replaced as soon as possible.

2, the motorcycle after the failure of the main components of water features

Motorcycle after the emergence of the main fault characteristics are:
1) In normal driving, the sudden increase in oil, and more moderate speed slow down, with the engine self-flameout, when this happens, may be the vehicle’s fuel supply system water.
2) When the vehicle normal driving, the vehicle’s speed suddenly dropped sharply, and accompanied by a clear sense of frustration, followed by the engine self-flame, there is this situation is the circuit control system water.
3) If the vehicle normal driving, suddenly can not be normal refueling, while the engine exhaust pipe gap of the "pops" sound, and there is the feeling of the engine gap off the fire, although it can continue for some time, but the final engine will Turn off, which is a typical circuit control system water failure.

Ignition switch water will have difficulty starting, serious burn ignition and ignition coil, and handle the switch water will control switch contacts short circuit, so that the lighting circuit can not be properly opened.

3, motorcycles into the water overhaul and emergency treatment

In the specific testing and maintenance, you should first check the air cleaner and carburetor connection between the catheter is off and the catheter is loose, check the carburetor tube at the mouth of water traces (to determine the exclusion Oil has been inside the water), if the carburetor has been determined to have water, can be the most simple approach. First of all, the fuel tank switch off, loosen the oil at the bottom of the oil spill screw (not all spin out, loosen a few laps can be) At this time the oil pipe began to slowly put oil, until completely put the net so far. Open the fuel tank switch, to be re-oil spilled oil when you tighten the screws can be. If the internal carburetor has generated foreign matter blockage, the use of the above method is invalid, should be dismantled carburetor gradually decomposed, the use of special cleaning spray, thoroughly clean carburetor oil junctions, injection hole and the amount of oil hole Wait.

If the engine water directly into the oil, will lead to reduced oil lubrication performance, if not to continue to use for a long time to park, it is easy to produce the engine holds cylinder, cylinder. First of all, should be the original net engine lubricating oil, re-injected into the new oil. Specific test, the detachable spark plug and put a high pressure cap, rotating the edge of the cylinder, foot engine starter to observe whether the normal spark plug spark, if the cylinder has been flooded, then the spark plug will appear lateral leakage and not Flashover, indicating that the air filter has been damaged by water erosion. In addition, when the engine stalled, the foot continuously empty step a few engine cranks, the cylinder of water from the exhaust pipe will be discharged from the tail.

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