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优德88官方网站登录亚洲权威-W88 business unit is Jiangsu Baodiao Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Guanyue Power Machinery Co., Ltd. set up specifically for high-end sports car, street car, Rally car and other special-shaped leisure motorcycle design, Development, manufacture and sale of the department! YCRMOTOR has a separate structure and design capabilities, combined with international and domestic first-class accessories manufacturers to create a very high cost of high-end shaped motorcycle products! Zongshen, Lifan, Yinxiang, Longxin engine, Yu-an shock, the letter disc brake, three three instruments, Zheng and the chain, Yuasa, the ancient battery, Delphi, joint electronic spray products, etc., the future also There is Dr. ABS to join!

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